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By Omshree, Nishita / Jan 05, 2023

Transforming Cloud Economics: The Evolution of FinOps Management

If it looks like FinOps is about saving money, Reconsider. FinOps is about generating Revenue…

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By Sakshi Zalavadia, Devangi Goswami, Shrey Shah / Dec 29, 2022

Disaster Recovery Using Infrastructure as a Code

Consider a scenario, a major disaster occurs at a large financial services organization...

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By Jay Sheth, Het Desai, Dhruvesh Sheladiya / Oct 27, 2022

Why Containers are more popular than Virtual Machine?

Virtualization is quite an old concept. It began in the 1960s to logically divide the system resources...

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By Omshree Butani / Aug 11, 2022

Terraform - Revolutionizing Infrastructure Management

This blog will take you on an intriguing voyage to Terraform...

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By Khushi Carpenter, Manan Goradiya / Jul 05, 2022

Cloud well-architected review

This article will aid you to align your architectural decisions to cloud best practices...

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By Piyush Jalan / Feb 08, 2023

Cloud Migration Phases & Guide

Many businesses now consider moving to the public cloud to be a requirement. And, for…

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By Bharath Babbur / Oct 27, 2022

VMware Horizon VDI on AWS

Intuitive was approached by a Large Integrated Health Management company to solve a security issue.

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By Raj Shivage / Jul 06, 2022

DevOps — Infrastructure Provisioning Automation using Terraform

Terraform is an open-source Infrastructure as Code (IaC) software tool created by HashiCorp. It allows…

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