AI & ML solutions that meet you where you are in your journey

Achieve your competitive advantage no matter where you are in your AI & ML journey.

Whether you are trying to understand your customers better, or to optimize business operations, we have AI & ML powered solutions across sectors, and on the cloud of your choice.

Our AI & ML team will work with you to identify business opportunities, frame them into solvable problems, and implement the solutions in an operationally sustainable manner.

We bring domain knowledge, engineering discipline, business analysis and change management to the table to turn bold visions into reality.

AI & ML Offerings

AI & ML assessment

  • Perform an Analytics Assessment
  • Launch a ML Maturity Assessment
  • Deliver an ML Roadmap, including sector specific business opportunities

Build and scale capabilities

  • Build out organizational capabilities and technical infrastructure for ML
  • Create pilots and proof of concepts for developing organizational capacity for ML
  • Integrate and tune industry specific models for immediate ROI

Accelerate the pace of Innovation

  • Implement sophisticated MLOps for repeatable and predictable outcomes
  • Scale ML initiatives in speed and diversity through model and feature engineering services
  • Operationalize models at scale and integrate into existing Service Management capabilities

Push the boundaries of what is possible

  • Achieve fully integrated automation to maximize creative work
  • Enable automated model creation, testing, and evaluation to solve the most challenging and novel use-cases
  • Accelerate synergies between business outcomes and IT capabilities

Our differentiators unlock value for you

Flexible Operating Models

Based on our assessment of your needs and maturity, we propose integrated business solutions underpinned by our world-class engineering services paired with business analysis and change management professionals who know what it takes to weave the power of machine learning into the fabric of business.

Engineering Excellence

We apply engineering rigor to our AI & ML projects and apply lessons learned across a variety of clouds, frameworks, and sectors to accelerate your journey.

Scale & Optimize Data

We realize the organizational and technical challenges to extract value from data silos at scale and apply a multi-faceted approach to integrate data silos with little to no disruption. We partner alongside you to create an environment where Machine Learning is possible.

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