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By Navid Kalantari / May 31, 2023

A Case Study in Data-Driven Pipeline Optimization

In this study, we focused on a client who functions as a forwarder, operating and owning pipelines for material transportation. The study's main objective was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the client

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By Navid Kalantari, Pritam Dodeja, Deep Purohit / May 31, 2023

Helped one of the leading Telecommunication Providers improve Customer Experience and Customer Retention

In this study, we focused on a client who is a telecommunications services provider such as mobile and broadband. The study’s main objective was to understand subscriber churn behavior and come up with proactive strategies to improve the customer experience and customer retention....

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By Bhuvaneswari Subramani / May 31, 2023

Implementation of a Large Language Model for one of the leading Healthcare Organizations

This study aimed to implement an LLM-based chatbot for customer service in the healthcare sector, offering state-of-the-art conversational interactions and support. Beyond its primary role, the chatbot provides additional functionalities such as request classification...

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By Troy Wyatt & Anil Aluru / May 31, 2023

Global Distributed Enterprise Data Logistics

The customer, a leading global manufacturer of commercial vehicles, had a large on-prem data platform (Cloudera data lake), which had the inherent limitations of high dependency on data platform engineers...

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By Noaman Baiyat / May 30, 2023

Formation of Agile-DevOps Team for Azure Managed Services in a Leading US Healthcare Organization

This case study explores the successful formation of an Agile-DevOps team focused on Azure Managed Services at a large healthcare organization based in Texas. The team, comprised of Architects, DevOps Engineers, Azure Engineers...

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By Noaman Baiyat / May 26, 2023

Adoption of SAFe, DevOps & Data Engineering for Business Agility in a Leading US Oil & Gas Company

This case study investigates the successful implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for business agility, along with DevOps and Data Engineering strategies, at one of the largest oil & gas companies in the US.

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By Troy Wyatt & James Buschkamp / May 05, 2023

Implementation of Data Catalog and Data Mesh

A leading financial institution, providing a wide range of services to its clients, such as investment banking, asset management, and consumer banking...

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By Piyush Jalan / Apr 10, 2023

Disaster Recovery (DR) Solution

This case study talks about, a Fortune 500 customer, who is undergoing a cloud transformation journey to build a secure, reliable, and...

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