Seamless Integration of a leading healthcare provider’s On-Premises DCs to AWS Cloud

Mar 01,2024


This case study outlines a leading healthcare provider’s imperative network and security enhancement project. Focused on scalability and security, healthcare provider sought to overcome challenges in adapting its infrastructure to evolving demands. Partnering with our strategic team, the organization embarked on a transformative journey, resulting in a robust, secure, and future-ready network architecture.


Healthcare provider faced a critical network challenge in their AWS environment. Originally designed for a single use case, their network infrastructure struggled to adapt to evolving demands. Expanding data analytics, clinical and business intelligence, and IT integration services required a robust network architecture. Establishing secure, high-performance connections between on-premises data centers and AWS posed complexities. Additionally, centralizing network security controls and rigorous traffic inspection presented significant network management challenges. The customer required a comprehensive network transformation to ensure scalability, security, and streamlined management while seamlessly integrating with on-premises resources.

Technology Solutions

To address Healthcare Provider's intricate networking challenges, our team engineered a solution deeply rooted in optimizing network architecture, enhancing security, and simplifying connectivity. This solution featured several critical networking components:

  1. Direct Connect and VGW Integration: Our journey commenced with the provisioning of a dedicated Direct Connect connection, forging a secure, low-latency link between the customer's on-premises data centers and AWS cloud. This connection seamlessly interfaced with the Virtual Private Gateway (VGW) over Private VIFs, enhancing data transfer security, enabling encryption and optimizing efficiency.
  2. VPC Segmentation: In pursuit of superior network control and heightened security, we meticulously designed dedicated Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), optimized subnets and effective route-tables tailored to cater to the unique demands of production and egress traffic inspection. VPC segmentation allowed for meticulous network management and fortified security postures.
  3. AWS Transit Gateway Implementation: The deployment of AWS Transit Gateway revolutionized network connectivity, introducing a hub-and-spoke model that greatly simplified communication between various workloads. This architecture streamlined network operations, increased visibility and security controls, reducing complexity and latency.
  4. AWS Network Firewall Integration: To amplify network security, the partner seamlessly integrated AWS Network Firewalls into the ecosystem. These firewalls became the custodians of network traffic, performing advanced filtering and inspection, ensuring the highest security standards were upheld.
  5. Secure On-Premises Connections: Leveraging AWS Direct Connect, the partner established secure, dedicated links connecting healthcare provider's on-premises data centers with AWS cloud resources. These dedicated links facilitated swift and secure data transfers, a mission-critical requirement for healthcare provider’s operations.
  6. Palo Alto Firewall Configuration: In pursuit of heightened security, the partner implemented Palo Alto Firewalls, configured to conduct in-depth packet inspections and next-gen threat monitoring. These firewalls added an additional layer of security, shielding against evolving threats and vulnerabilities.
  7. AWS Control Tower Integration and Centralized Security Management: To centralize network security controls, optimize traffic flows, and introduce advanced monitoring capabilities, the AWS Partner leveraged AWS Control Tower. A dedicated account was established for security purposes, housing the Network Firewall VPC and the Transit Gateway.

Results and Impact

The implementation of this comprehensive networking solution for the healthcare customer resulted in several significant benefits:

  1. Advanced Network Security: By integrating AWS Network Firewalls within AWS and maintaining Palo Alto Firewalls on-premises, a layered security approach was achieved. This included deep packet inspection, increased visibility, precise firewall policies, and comprehensive threat protection.
  2. Efficient Network Connectivity: AWS Transit Gateway implementation simplified network connections optimizing inter-VPC communication and reducing network intricacies.
  3. Faster Data Transfers: AWS Direct Connect significantly reduced data transfer latency between on-premises data centers and AWS resources. This ensured swift and secure data flow, crucial for network-dependent operations.
  4. Centralized Network Control: AWS Control Tower facilitated the creation of a dedicated security account, hosting the Network Firewall VPC and Transit Gateway. This centralized management enhanced network security control and monitoring.
  5. Scalability and Future-Proofing: The redesigned network architecture not only met immediate requirements but also positioned healthcare provider for seamless scalability and adaptability to future networking challenges and growth within their AWS environment.


This case study underscores the pivotal role of strategic technology solutions in overcoming complex network challenges within the healthcare sector. By aligning with our dedicated team, the healthcare provider not only fortified its network infrastructure but also positioned itself for sustained growth and adaptability. The success of this initiative offers valuable insights for organizations navigating the intricate landscape of AWS environments, emphasizing the transformative impact that a well-executed network and security enhancement project can bring to healthcare operations. This case study stands as a beacon for other healthcare entities, showcasing the potential for innovation to drive efficiency, security, and future-ready scalability within the realm of digital healthcare.

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